Indicator System

The Territorial Appraisals are further supplemented by an important tool: the Territorial Indicator System of Navarre (SIOTN). The purpose of this tool is twofold: assessing the impact of spatial planning tools in Navarre (namely the Territorial Strategy of Navarre - ETN and the Spatial Planning Schemes of Navarre - POT), whilst facilitating decision-making on spatial planning.

The assessment of territorial strategies yields results of great analytical, strategic and planning value, crucial to coherent decision-making.

The SIOTN is structured in four major axes: Natural & Cultural Heritage; Urban System; Communications, Transports & Infrastructures; Coordination

Each axis corresponds with the chapters of the Spatial Planning Schemes (POT) recently adopted by the Government of Navarre.

The abovementioned axes are broken down into different themes. These themes are in turn broken down into sub-themes, which are reflected in approximately 130 indicators.

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